Fan Su (1994, China) creates immersive installations -– that utilize glass alongside stockings, chiffon, rope, video, sound, and other materials – to explore habitually suppressed and traumatic histories of the (Asian) female body. 
Her ephemeral installations, which envision the body and the skin as penetrable surfaced membranes, are merged with actions of dissecting, cutting, sewing, stretching, and impaling. Through guiding and immersing the viewer into the spaces, Su’s work invites viewers to consider an agonized female body that has been endlessly manipulated, reshaped, and rebuilt under social control. By redrawing the viewer’s conception of body and parts, these works unzip the body from its cultural residue and unfold what lies below the surface. Ultimately, Su asks, “What is a body?”,”what do our bodies carry?” 
Fan Su received her MFA in glass from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and her BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design. She is a newly appointed Assistant Professor of Glass at Jacksonville University.  

2021       MFA, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)  
2017       BFA, Columbus College of Art and Design 
2015       Oil Painting, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts 

Assistant Professor, Glass Department, Jacksonville University, 2024 - Present
Adjunct Professor, CORE - First Year Studies, Columbus College of Art and Design, 2023-2024
Adjunct Professor, Painting & Drawing, Hillsborough Community College, 2022
Instructor, Beginning Hot Glass, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Winter 2021
Teaching Assistant for Chris Taylor, Glass Sculpting, RISD, Winter 2020
Teaching Assistant for Adrian Tharp, Kiln Casting, RISD, Spring 2020

Artist Assistantship, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA 2024 
Artist in Residence, Roy G Biv Gallery, Columbus, OH, 2023 
Artist in Residence, Peter Bullough Foundation, Winchester, VA, 2022 
Metal Intern & Apprenticeship, North Carolina, 2023
Fellowship, RISD, 2020-2021
Fellowship, RISD, 2019-2020 
Excellent Awards, the STEAM Factory, 2018 

Untitled, Roy G Biv Gallery, Columbus, OH, 2023
(SOLO) Unfold the Body, Skylab Gallery, Columbus, OH, 2022 
The Gender Half Truth, Ramboya Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2021
Rhode Island School of Design Glass Triennial, Woods-Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI, 2021
Body As a Surface (MFA Thesis Exhibition ), RISD Museum, Providence, RI, 2021                                          
Embodied Memories, Online Exhibition, Rhode Island School of Design, 2021                                       
Revealing the Surface, Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI. 2021       
Religion COMPAS Visual Arts, the STEAM Factory, Columbus, OH, 2018                                    
Chrome, Beeler Gallery, Columbus, OH, curated by Tim Rietenbach, 2018    
(SOLO) Filter, Acock Gallery, Columbus, OH, 2017  
YOUNG HEARTS 6: The Color of Love, Sean Christopher Gallery, Columbus, OH, 2017                                      
Chrome, Acock Gallery, Columbus, OH, curated by Tim Rietenbach, 2017     
Noves Histories, OHIO ART LEAGUE 2016 Spring Juried Exhibition, Urban Arts Space, OH, 2016                                     
Closer, Beaton Gallery, OH, 2016                                      
In need of an audience, Beaton Gallery, OH, 2016                                     
The Little Free Library, Byers Gallery, OH, 2016                                        
Chrome, Columbus, OH, curated by Tim Rietenbach, 2016   
"Hand Collection," Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Shaan' Xi, China, 2015
"Drawing," Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Shaan' Xi, China, 2015


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